Hostage Hotline: How Can I help you?

This short comedy sketch was made for My Rode Reel 2021. Krooked Tease teamed up with Hikari Productions to make this entry.
Directed, filmed and edited the video, along with colour grading and post production/graphic design and sound.

BIMYOU - 'Cold Shoulder' Music Video

Shot in Barcelona, Teatre Grec.
Filmed and edited the video, colour graded and post production

El Paladin

El Paladin was a short film made in Barcelona, 2019. I was the assistant director, helped with the filming and created the intro credits for the film. Motion design for the typography and concept of the intro was my idea.. The use of the song ‘Me and Your Momma’ by Childish Gambino was slowed down and used as an example for the sound post-production 

Defying The Odds

Produce a mini-documentary film with Prime & Fire 2014 Competition entry.

Defying The Odds is a mini documentary that follows the lives of extreme sports athletes who have overcome their disabilities and prove to the world that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Josh Stundon the blind skateboarder reveals his story and gives an insight to how anything is possible.


As well as brand creation, I made this promotional video for Siddhartha Yoga. Sometimes we find peace in ancient places of refection and in the beauty of nature. This piece was filmed in the old ruins of The Abbey in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland. A place of great history and harmony, a place where Ailish feels very connected to 

The Caretaker

This brief was to create a short film piece on a worker of our choice and capture their lives in their work place. Mike is the custodian “cleaner” or caretaker of the primary school who has been working in the school for about 10 years. He takes care of the buildings grounds and maintenance. In some cases he also carries out security duties.

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